Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Musical Wedding?

I have a confession. I am indeed a Gleek. I know that flack will be had from friends and family over this, but I do not care. Something about that show, as trashy as it can be at times, has me riveted.

Maybe it is the fact that life as a musical has always captured my imagination. How cool would life be if at any moment you and/or those around you broke out into a song to express the mood of any situation? What if at Usher's suggestion your High School Prom broke out into a choreographed dance

Or if you could express the way you felt about your best friend in a sentimental ballad.

A few weeks ago an episode featured a Very Gleek Wedding. The procession that began the wedding got Martha's excitement up and my imagination working. If you missed it, take a look. (WARNING the song is really catchy and will be stuck in your head for days!)

Now that I have alarmed all of those involved in the wedding, fear not, there is another version that doesn't include singing.

In all seriousness though, this is only a fantasy. 1. I am WAY too traditional for such a thing. 2. These ideas seem great in the abstract, but that amount of planning, practice and courage it would take to put this together is way too much for me. However, the reception might be another story....

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  1. two blogs in one day & a clip from the movie "She's All That"... Nick, are you trying to seduce me?!?!