Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Date Has Been Saved

All across the country, well the world for that matter, our save the dates are arriving in mail boxes. If you didn't already have the date reserved,  you now have a reminder. Even the federal government is shutting down the Monday after our wedding in celebration.

Let me take a moment to explain a few details about the Save the Date.

1. We designed it ourselves. After looking at many many many pre-made templates that just didn't do it for us we decided to make our own. In the end we loved it more than any that we have seen and it helped the wedding budget!

2. Yes the photo is real and is not Photoshoped. The great photographer that is doing our wedding also did our engagement pictures. He helped make our vision of this photo a reality. We even enlisted our friend Sarah Beth's very neat handwriting to help put the wedding date on the baseball. What you cannot see in the photo is that it was taken beneath the St. Louis Arch.

3. The photo on the save the date reflects a couple important things about us.

A. The baseball: Martha and I LOVE baseball. Gifts to me from Martha almost always involve baseball (going to ballgames on my birthday, Cardinals Jerseys, Stan Musial signed baseball). The fact that we saw a baseball game together the day we got engaged also show you just how much we love the sport. It really is one of those things that a man has to be in love with about his future wife... she loves baseball. If only she didn't love the Cubs....

 B. The boots: I had to work the boots in somehow. If you know me, you know I love my boots. Not as much as I love Martha of course, but its close. It brings a touch of our backgrounds (mine more than hers) into the overall feel of the wedding. It might also give you a preview into wedding details to come...

Hope you like our save the dates and they look good on your refrigerator!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011, A Life Changing Year

This post has been on my list of things "to-do" since the begining of January. Alas, it is mid January and I am finally getting to it.

For years I have made resolutions only to not stick to them or forget them within months. This year I resolved not to make resolutions, but rather to set goals to accomplish this year. Many of you know how much Martha is obsessed with "to-do" lists and organization in general. I must admit, I am just as obsessed. So here it is, my 2011 To-Do List (in no specific order):

1. Take advantage of every opportunity to be an engaged couple.
2. Prepare in such a way so that The Big Day is worry free.
3. Grow in faith and in my understanding of what God is to me.
4. Learn a musical skill.
5. Build my circle of friends.
6. Do something that scares me (enter the reptile house at St. Louis Zoo, Trek to the top of the Arch, Run a 5k, Sing Karaoke)
7. Improve my career.
8. Read a book a month.
9.  Learn something about Martha I didn't already know.
10. Learn to cook new foods.