Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011, A Life Changing Year

This post has been on my list of things "to-do" since the begining of January. Alas, it is mid January and I am finally getting to it.

For years I have made resolutions only to not stick to them or forget them within months. This year I resolved not to make resolutions, but rather to set goals to accomplish this year. Many of you know how much Martha is obsessed with "to-do" lists and organization in general. I must admit, I am just as obsessed. So here it is, my 2011 To-Do List (in no specific order):

1. Take advantage of every opportunity to be an engaged couple.
2. Prepare in such a way so that The Big Day is worry free.
3. Grow in faith and in my understanding of what God is to me.
4. Learn a musical skill.
5. Build my circle of friends.
6. Do something that scares me (enter the reptile house at St. Louis Zoo, Trek to the top of the Arch, Run a 5k, Sing Karaoke)
7. Improve my career.
8. Read a book a month.
9.  Learn something about Martha I didn't already know.
10. Learn to cook new foods.